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Day of the Dead Color

Got my DJI Ronin-M setup and balanced finally. I shot a few clips and loved the grade but haven't ever kept a log of my workflows so just wanted to start making a record of how I got certain grades. I'm not sure if these posts will ever be made into a more organized and thorough format but this will do for now.

Here are the screenshots of my settings. I may annotate them with captions for more complicated setups but this one is pretty straight forward:

  • Grain - 4k Grain from VisionColor's Impulz Pack
  • Finishing LUT - M31 LUT Dialed in slowly for finishing
  • Creative LUT - Daytime was Fuji Pro 400_FC, Night shots were Kodak Ektar 100_FC
  • Video Footage - GH4 UHD 4k shot CineD -5
  • Got a Ronin

    One thing hindering my cinematography has been rigging and support systems - and most importantly - stabilization. I recently acquired a DJI Ronin M to conquer the stabilization issue once and for all. I'll be posting some test shots and sample work when…


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