Finally got a drone. Went with the Mavic Pro. It's small, super easy to use, and the footage looks pretty good - but only pretty good. The camera on this thing can be awesome in perfect conditions but it's not always repeatable. The settings have so many quirks. Who in the hell at DJI thought it was a good idea to not tell anyone that anything under +1 sharpening would introduce awful noise reduction is an idiot.

Day of the Dead Color

Got my DJI Ronin-M setup and balanced finally. I shot a few clips and loved the grade but haven't ever kept a log of my workflows so just wanted to start making a record of how I got certain grades. I'm not sure if these posts will ever be made into a more organized and thorough format but this will do for now.

Here are the screenshots of my settings. I may annotate them with captions for more complicated setups but this one is pretty straight forward:

  • Grain - 4k Grain from VisionColor's Impulz Pack
  • Finishing LUT - M31 LUT Dialed in slowly for finishing
  • Creative LUT - Daytime was Fuji Pro 400_FC, Night shots were Kodak Ektar 100_FC
  • Video Footage - GH4 UHD 4k shot CineD -5

Got a Ronin

One thing hindering my cinematography has been rigging and support systems - and most importantly - stabilization. I recently acquired a DJI Ronin M to conquer the stabilization issue once and for all. I'll be posting some test shots and sample work when I have time - I've still got weddings to edit, video work to color, and our wedding is in 29 days so that's not stressful at all.

Also pulled some pretty sick shots at one of Abby's wedding's I second shot at ---