Turdcules - Totally Awesome Toilet Elixer

When it comes to delivering a destructively potent payload, we, men, remain steadfast to our doodie. We stand ready to detonate a calamitous cacophony which sleeps silently within the steel-belly of our floating fortress. With the push of a button, we summon rains of molten metal, fire, and water. With Turdcules’ Turdpedo Toilet Elixir, you’ll sit proudly at your battle station surrounded by the sweet smells of Sunburns and Victory.


Silver Kit - “Brothers” // Found Sounds Session

Silver Kit perform their track "Brothers" off their upcoming release.

Cookeville, Tennessee’s Silver Kit unleashes their sonic barrages like a whirling dervish through a mirrored hall of jazz informed reflections. Although Silver Kit is a relative newcomer to the bourgeoning Cookeville music scene, they are backed by a seasoned cast of veteran local players. The Tennessee four piece excels in crafting complex atmosphere bound tautly together with precise lines of tight melodic hooks. With a nimble but ox-like rhythm section, the band avoids the cliché of ambient drift and keeps their cosmic interplay focused and precise.

Band Links:


Found Sounds is a collective of creative individuals showcasing bands/artists doing what they do.



2019 Anamorphic

This year I've been learning and tinkering with anamorphic. Haven't got to use it on any projects yet but here are some personal clips from the year.

Gear Used:
Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k
Panasonic GH5 + Speedbooster XL
Zeiss 50mm Planar
Helios 44-2
Helios 44-5m
H. Christian Hypergonar 16 S.T.O.P


Holy Mountain Top Removers - "Karst" // Found Sounds Session

Holy Mountain Top Removers perform their track "Karst" off their newest release "Tonight the Machete Dreams".

Tempered in the crucible of Upper Cumberland mysticism, and honed by years of psychedelic explorations, Holy Mountain Top Removers have emerged as one of Nashville’s most dynamic and original acts. The mercurial Tennessee band slips between the gears of the music city machine to deliver a spiritually unique sound unbound by genre dogma. The mirrored reflections of the band’s electric palate focus through craftsman musicianship to create a sound unlike any other in Middle Tennessee. Holy Mountain Top Removers shift between dimensions into a sonic space all their own.

Band Links:


Audio: Zach Ramsey
Video: Matt Matheson

Found Sounds is a collective of creative individuals showcasing bands/artists doing what they do.



Ursa Mini 4.6k + Hypergonar

Testing out the Zeiss 50 Planar with my Hypergonar.


Josh & Katie

Location: Duck Pond Manor in Sparta, TN
Photographers: Lindsey & Brandon Photography
Equipment: Panasonic GH5, Sigma 18-35, Crane 2


URSA Mini 4.6k RAW Lossless 3k Anamorphic Mode

Testing out lossless since it's the only thing I can import to premiere (sort of).


URSA Mini Pro 4.6k Anamorphic Test RAW 3:1

Trying out the 3k anamorphic mode on the URSA Mini 4.6k in RAW 3:1.


Drew & Kristin


Crossfit Mayhem - Rich Froning's Home Gym

Some selects from a shoot with the Crossfit Mayhem team at Rich Froning's home gym.

Gear Used:
Camera - Panasonic GH5
Gimbal - Crane 2
Glass - Helios, Sigma 30, Canon 24-105.

Will's Portrait

Portrait of a groom on his wedding day. Shot in a tiny hotel room by the window.